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[Voice; Locked from Laharl]

I... Mn. [he is quiet a moment, wondering whether or not choosing to put this up at all was a mistake. But he has no idea how he should proceed anymore. As much as he hates to admit it... he needs help. And he needs all the help he can get.]

How... do you learn what someone wants from you when they will not tell?
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What about if you ask other people? Maybe somebody else knows.
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Right! So other people can help.

How come they don't want to tell you?
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Oh...I don't know how you'd find out if he doesn't know how to say it. Then it'd be a mystery for everybody, right?
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Well, um. Hopefully he knows! Then there won't be a problem.
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Me? I never thought about that before...if I had a father I think I'd want him to be like Anise's though, he's really nice.
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He plays games with me sometimes! And he teaches me things, and he'll always help if I ask him, and he doesn't look at me funny.
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Because I look like somebody else, I think.
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...Nope! As long as he's nice and keeps me company, I think I'd like him.
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Isn't it simple?
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Is he really hard to talk to?
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...Maybe if you're really careful he'll start liking you! Somebody told me once that's how you make friends with cats.
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I mean, umm...try doing things you know are definitely safe to do, and if he doesn't get mad then keep going! Something like that.
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Yeah! You can do it if you try.

[Go go mystery faildad!!]