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Birthdate:May 21
HMD can be found here

Character: Vyers/Mid-Boss/Krichevskoy
Series: Pretty much all the Disgaea games at this point.
Version: Post D4 DLC (Paixao)
Age: Unknown (more than 3500)
Gender: Male

Personality: If one were to describe Vyers in a nutshell, the easiest traits to pick would be: vain, narcissistic, overdramatic, flowery and eccentric (both in general and as far as demons go). He will go to great lengths to compliment himself and point out his best attributes, and when these attributes are downplayed by others or he feels otherwise slighted, he is quick to snap at others and get huffy. Vyers is a very formal and flowery speaker, rarely using contractions and going on and on about a certain subject using almost poetic language. Often he does this even when the subject is fairly simple. If he has a passion for it, the man will not shut the hell up. His speaking habits, along with his tendency to toss French words into his speech at random, makes him seem extraordinarily flirtatious, even when he isn’t trying to be.

But there is another side to the demon. Beneath the flighty narcissism he displays as Vyers, the man once known as Krichevskoy, Overlord of the Netherworld, can be found if one looks hard enough. Vyers is clever and a quick thinker, and he can read others fairly easily. He has a big, kind heart, and worries about others and the world, and seeks to improve both as best he can.

It’s also important to know that Vyers’s personality will change depending on whether or not there is a Laharl around or in the game. With Laharl, the traits mentioned in the first paragraph will be more pronounced to the point of ridiculousness and considerable loss of dignity. If there is no Laharl, his more subdued, serious traits are more likely to appear. The amount of awful French also increases with proximity to Laharl. This is from the canon point he is taken from, Vyers is careful to keep his true identity a secret, especially to his son, even if he has to become “Mid-Boss” to do it.

Paixao Extra Info

After gaining his power back, Krichevskoy has done away with his pseudonym and most of the wackier personality traits he had as Mid-Boss/Vyers. That isn’t to say they’re completely gone, however. It’s very likely that instead he’s putting on a different kind of show—the badass, wise, but mysterious kingly guide. That is to say, his default mode is now closer to serious time than it is to wacky fail time. His mode of speech is also a little less formal now.

Krichevskoy’s motivation has changed as well. He seeks a guide for the “lost” netherworlds of the universe, aiming to restore the pride and dignity of demons.

That isn’t to say he isn’t the same person deep down. Though the game doesn’t get into it (my personal view being that they didn’t want to come right out and say Krichevskoy=Mid-Boss to keep from spoiling people who hadn’t played the first game), you can still see some hints of the good old fail around, such as being willing to knock over a mountain to get to dark pretzels.

As he will be keeping his memories of Paixao, a lot of the character development he had from his identity coming to light earlier than he had expected will be incorporated in.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Vyers is very clever, able to form plans or solutions to problems quickly and efficiently, especially when paired with someone of a similar mind as himself.

In the game, Vyers displays a variety of common abilities. The attacks change with each game, but in all he shares the ability to toss around energy balls or create pillars of energy to attack others, create doppelgangers of himself, and use rose petals in various attacks. As the nickname “Mid-Boss” indicates, he’s of a fairly middling level of power amongst demons, but Disgaea 4 (which turns out is a future version of him and NOT a younger Krichevskoy) indicates that he can get a LOT more powerful.

As mentioned above, Vyers is good at reading people. He can tell when they’re upset or something is bothering them, and will try to lift their spirits or fix their problems when he can.

Vyers is persistent and determined, and once he sets his mind on a goal he feels is for the good of others or even just something he feels strongly about, he will set about achieving it with almost single-minded determination, even if it should mean his death.

Vyers is excellent at keeping a secret. Despite looking pretty much exactly the same as he did when he was Krichevskoy only without the mustache, a different hairstyle, and with a different voice, no one was able to figure out who he really was.

[Paixao Extra]

Krichevskoy has gained all of his power back. Thus, Vyers has had one hell of an upgrade. In addition to an all around power boost (as well as a shift from monster type to human type), his skill with his doppelgangers has increased enormously, and he is able to summon up to three of them to fight alongside him for a full battle. He can also use all of the fist and sword skills from Disgaea 4, but will likely lean closer toward the swords.

Krichevskoy has an attack similar to Laharl’s Blazing Knuckle called Freezing Knuckle, which uses ice as the name implies. It seems to pack more of a punch than Laharl’s attack, and the description implies that this attack might have been the one that made him accidentally freeze the ocean when Laharl was born.

He’s also calmed down a bit, and seems a little less likely to fly off the handle into an insulted pile of drama when he feels affronted.

Weaknesses: Vyers enjoys being dramatic and mysterious to the point where he will sometimes toss aside the practical for it. Whether that means long and unnecessary explanations or spending more than he has/is strictly necessary, it will probably cause him trouble. It also makes him difficult to take seriously and makes even more difficult to tell whether or not he’s putting on an act.

On a related note, Vyers tends to overreact to things, both positively and negatively.

Vyers has a habit of taking his problems solely onto himself, whether others are suffering through them or not. Judging by Krichevskoy and Laharl’s relationship before Krichevskoy’s death, it’s safe to say the two never really had a heart to heart over Laharl’s mother’s death, or if they did, it might have been a poor talk or too-little-too-late. The novels even state that Krichevskoy had Laharl live with his uncle for 100 years shortly after Laharl’s mother’s death rather than be there for Laharl during that time (this is not strictly canon, but it doesn’t contradict canon either. Whether or not this would be included in actual history would be up to the mun of any Laharl that came in).

With a need to cover up your identity comes a certain distance kept from others, purposefully or no. If Vyers feels like his cover will be blown, all dignity will go out the window in a desperate attempt to shove all suspicion off of himself. This might mean only a select few will know the “real” him, and it could lead to a sense of loneliness. …More likely it will lead to horrible embarrassment and fail. Picnic baskets may be stolen. French will be mangled.

He is also almost completely incapable of creating a believable lie on the spot. You’re more likely to get some kind of horrible, horrible excuse.

History: Approximately two years before the beginning of Disgaea, the overlord of the Netherworld, King Krichevskoy, fought against an invading force from an alternate netherworld, Baal, the Lord of Terror. Krichevskoy succeeded in locking Baal away, but was gravely injured in the process. Returning to his castle, he came in contact with one of his vassals, Etna, who was ready to sacrifice her life to save him, like Krichevskoy’s wife had done for his son Laharl. Etna was stopped, however, and Krichevskoy died of his wounds.

He was later revived at the hands of Seraph Lamington, though he was far less powerful than he was before. Though grateful for Lamington’s deed, he returned to the Netherworld, knowing of the chaos that would be going on due to the sudden death of its Overlord, adopting the name Vyers to hide his identity.

During the two years his son was asleep, Vyers was challenging and defeating numerous challengers for the throne, earning him a little bit of notoriety. At the same time, he spoke with Seraph Lamington, eventually fleshing out an idea to help bring the Netherworld and Celestia together through the meeting of Laharl and the angel trainee Flonne.

Vyers first met up with Laharl again in the castle he had acquired. The two fought against one another (an event prompted by Vyers receiving the nickname “Mid-Boss”) with Vyers losing and running off to fight Laharl another day. He would engage Laharl many more times, testing Laharl’s strength and character to see if he had what it took to become a great overlord.

When Laharl was ready to sacrifice himself to bring Flonne back from being a flower due to the Seraph’s punishment, Vyers intervened, letting him know that Flonne would return to normal shortly. Once they were reunited, Vyers took his leave, disappearing in a brilliant flash of white light alongside the Queen.

[Paixao Extra]

After the events of the first Disgaea, Vyers decided to stick around, rather than leave with Laharl’s mother. He traveled from world to world, showing up as a cameo in various places. At one point, he was hired by Mao’s father to watch over Mao as his personal trainer and keep him on track.

All throughout that time, Vyers slowly began to gain his power back, and eventually he took back the name Krichevskoy with a new goal in mind. Having noticed the degeneration of demon society in most Netherworlds, he decided that they needed a guide to put them back on the right path. Krichevskoy held the Netherbattle tournament for that purpose, offering the rule of the Netherworld (presumably Disgaea 4’s Netherworld—it’s not very clear) and a large sum of money. Valvatorez’s party joined the tournament and eventually won, and Valvatorez pressured Krichevskoy into joining the Hades Party, rather than push the guidance of the Netherworld onto someone else and run.

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