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I... Mn. [he is quiet a moment, wondering whether or not choosing to put this up at all was a mistake. But he has no idea how he should proceed anymore. As much as he hates to admit it... he needs help. And he needs all the help he can get.]

How... do you learn what someone wants from you when they will not tell?
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As beautiful a scene as it may make, I cannot help but think this snow is beginning to become rather... excessive.
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I doubt this is the right time to begin using this machine for its intended journaling purposes, but I fear that if I do not get this out now, I shall go mad. As of this moment I have locked myself in my room for lack of any other solution. I am fully aware that it is a poor one.

At first I had thought it a late realization of just how plentiful the beautiful maidens residing in this city were, but I am beginning to doubt the reasons for the flutterings of my heart. Ah, love! Rarely have I ever thought of you as a cursed thing, but now how you turn on me so! I cannot deny my feelings as anything but, but the sheer number of those I yearn for is too much! How sinful I am! Even if I were to spend all the centuries of my life in pain it would not be enough to atone!

Even now my mind races with thoughts of these beautiful women... I am a traitor, a terrible sinner who deserves not the love he has! O merciful god, deliver me from my traitorous heart!

But not literally, if you would.
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A strange question, perhaps, but might anyone know of any nicer restaurants in this city they could recommend? I have had a few ideas of my own, but they do not quite have the atmosphere I am looking for.
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[light chuckle] It seems someone was a bit impatient to search. Flonne is back here and safe. Would you still be interested in a meeting? We have much to discuss.
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My, my, it's become busy since I last posted, has it not? Elections, new arrivals... Ah, change is on the horizon~ I look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Now, how is everyone doing?
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Odd, my belt seems to have gone missing. That's odd... I do not remember leaving it anywhere, or taking it off for that matter. I suppose I will have to find a new one.

Ahhhhh, such a shame. It was my favorite.
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How embarrassing. I can't believe I'm doing this.

So... I know a fellow who is rather... down on his luck, I suppose you could say. Now, he is attempting to mend relations with one close to him, but, sadly, either things keep coming up or--despite his excellence with words--he finds it difficult to articulate exactly what he means to say. ...Mostly because it is rather uncomfortable.

Sadly, it seems that this has only caused my son to wish incredible harm on me the rift to widen between the two. What would you suggest this person do to fix things?
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[he's still a little tired sounding despite his best efforts. He just got up, lol]

My... it seems as though I've slept a little longer than I intended. I assure you, I 'm doing... just fine. Although breakfast in bed would be nice...

Nnnnnn... I wonder how long I was out...  What have I missed?
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Ahem.... Due to recent circumstances, I feel I must make sure this is known:


Thank you, and please be sure to remember it.
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[Private]I honestly don't know what to do anymore.  He knows now.  How do I proceed from here?  We have spoken and yet...  Yet I cannot seem to make my thoughts known.  I have no need to be so careful and yet here I am.  Has this become habit so soon?  Hmhm...  I know not whether this revelation is a blessing or a curse.   Perhaps both.  Perhaps even neither.  It could simply just be.  Am I afraid?  Even I am unsure...

[This part screened to Laharl and Flonne]
How are you faring?  No new troubles, I hope?

My, what an interesting situation I seem to have brought myself into...!  Quite a profession I have taken up indeed.  It should prove quite exciting!  A bodyguard...  Hmhmhm...!  Ah, this I have never been.

...Ah.  I forgot to ask for payment...
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To speak to moi in such a manner...  To show such insolence...!  To show such cruelty...!  A vile, horrible, incorrigible woman indeed!  Unforgivable!  Absolutely unforgivable!

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This game seems to be quite popular, but it is interesting enough.  I shall give it a try. 

The idea is to make ten statements about ten people you know and then list their names out of order afterwards.  Let us begin!

1.  One with such wise advice, appreciation of love, and ability to weave words into beautiful tapestries of analogy must certainly be respected.  You and I have far more in common than you would imagine, sir.

2.  I still maintain that I have won.  It is pleasing to know that I am able to defeat you in a battle of words.

3. YOU on the other hand, I will defeat someday!  Your win was only temporary!  We will match wills once again and the next time you will not be let off so easily!  I will regain my honor and my dignity!

4.  Haha!  Mademoiselle, you can deny all you like, but I still see the sparkle of love in your eyes.  I will, of course, continue to look for the one you seek, if only for you to tell him the truth yourself.

5.  I never thought I would meet you in this place...  Moi's advice: try not to take things so literally.  Please.  Never again...

6.  ...I am still under the impression that you are trying to seduce moi.

7.  I hope you have learned your lesson about spreading false information, Mademoiselle.

8.  So polite...  My offer to show you around this place still stands if that has not been seen to already.  I would not object to adding another to our party, should you want to bring him along as well.

9.  You make a fine leader, but you should watch your words against those larger than you.  I would rather us not lose a great leader to a slip of the tongue.

10.  If you require assistance, please tell moi.  I cannot leave a mademoiselle to fend for herself alone.  To do so would be unforgivable of moi!

a.  Laharl
b.  Rebecca
c.  Timon
d.  Prinny Squad
e.  Godot
f.  Mia
g.  Naja
h.  Sally
i.  Death
j.  Kairi
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[private, unhackable]
Ah, the things one learns while perusing these journals.  I am glad I look through these things as often as I do.  So, Laharl is going out on his first date, a double date, even!  How charming!  To think that he has come this far...  I am very proud indeed.

...Wait a moment....

Date?!  DATE?!  Wh-what do I do?!  What am I to say?!  Do I follow?  Words of encouragement?!  No!  No, I cannot do that, that would be too conspicuous...  But... But he is going on a date!  His first date!  I... I...  DAMN THIS ENTIRE SITUATION!  I must at least know how it goes!

I... I should have something out of the private section...


[private, unhackable]
I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING!  C-calm down...  Surely he has enough of his father's charm that he'll do just fine.  Yes.  Yes, he will be fine...  Now, let's try this again.


[private, unhackable]
S-STILL NOTHING!  It seems I will just have to see how this goes...  I...  I will simply see if either Mia or Godot can give me a summary of what occurred.  Yes...  I will...  I will just do that.
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[private, unhackable]
I am unsure whether or not to be furious or elated.  On one hand, I was accused of... of....  Ugh, I cannot repeat such a foul thing.  It makes me sick to my stomach  On the other, Laharl has finally found love (with my aid, of course).  I wonder if I should have gone so far as to threaten to tell...  No matter, what's done is done.  And it was necessary enough to get rid of... Ugh, best to get off this subject altogether.  It is making me ill.  Best to never mention or think about it ever again.  And if it is ever brought up, I will simply deny its existence!  Shoved under the rug, never to be seen again!

But, speaking of love...

There is this woman, the leader of something called the "Salaheem Sentinels?"  I believe she is trying to seduce moi.  I am not sure what to think about that, although it is quite the compliment.  Hmhmhm...  I am still very able to attract women it seems.  Ah, such wonderful news.

Oh!  And I have an aid in legal affairs.  Hm...  I wonder if there is even a court in this place to take advantage of such a thing.  No matter, the need will present itself in due time.  Until then, I will simply have to wait and see.
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I have been told to greet anyone I should meet who is wearing a black coat.  It would be so much preferable to do this in person, but alas! I have a prior engagement.  And so, until we meet, dear hosts, I say hello!
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